Below, a list of frequently asked questions about patterns from The Yarniad:

Q: The beginning of the Citron shawlette is crazy! What's with all the "turning 90 degrees" and all that?
A: The beginning of Citron uses a technique referred to as the "Garter Tab Cast On", which is much easier done than it appears when written down. Basically, you knit a little "tab" of garter stitch then pick up stitches all the way around it and go from there. Once the shawl is done, it will look like you have a continuous strip of garter stitch all across the top edge. If you'd like to see a photo or video tutorial of this technique, I recommend these:

Q: May I knit one or more Citron shawlettes and sell them in my online shop or craft booth?
A: Yes! I am now offering a home business license to knit and sell Citrons. The license is $30 and allows you to make/sell as many Citrons as you'd like for as long as you'd like. Please e-mail me for details.

Q: May I knit one or more Citron shawlettes and donate or sell them for charity?
A: Yes! I hope they make good money for your intended organization!

Q: May I teach a class based on the Citron pattern?
A: Yes, definitely, please just drop me an e-mail to let me know. Also remember that Knitty patterns are for individual use only, so please require each student to print out his/her own copy of the pattern, and do not print out copies for them. Alternately, if you would like to provide copies to your students, you may now purchase wholesale pdfs of the Citron pattern for $2 each (minimum of 10 copies). Please e-mail me for details. It is also fine with me if you use my Citron photos for any promotional materials as long as you credit www.theyarniad.com.

Q: I am the owner of a yarn shop -- may I include copies of the Citron pattern in yarn kits I'm selling?
A: Yes! I am now selling wholesale pdfs of the Citron pattern for $2 each (minimum of 10 copies). Please e-mail me for details.

Q: The Rowan Tapestry yarn called for in the Cerus Scarf pattern appears to be discontinued. Can you recommend an alternate?
A: Yes! I've devoted a whole blog post to this topic here.

Q: How on earth do you figure out how long a "tail" to leave when casting on so many stitches for Cerus?
A: Yeah, you certainly don't want to cast on a few hundred stitches just to find out you haven't left enough yarn. Here's what I recommend: Figuring that you'll need about 3x as much yarn as the finished length of the cast on, assume you'll need a yarn tail about 5 yards long (54" finished length x 3 = 162" / 36" = 4.5, round up to 5 just in case). When I was young, my mom taught me that the length from the center of your chest to your hand with arm outstretched is about a yard. So pull out 5 hand-to-chest lengths of your yarn and that should be enough.

Any other questions? Please e-mail and I'll get back to you as soon as I can!