Wednesday, February 13, 2013

First Light

Knit Picks has just come out with their first pattern collection, First Light, pulling from independent designers, and centering around a theme of unexpected balances -- and, my goodness, have they done a beautiful job.  I'm excited to say that I have two patterns included in the collection (one of them being the "cover girl", too!), but leaving that out of the equation, I think they're all pretty stunning.  Each one is beautiful with a twist: a bolero with a flower detail on the back, a racerback vest with a splash of lace, a cabled cardigan with interesting construction and gorgeous drape. The color palette, styling, photography, and setting are all so fantastic -- I want to jump into the pages of the collection.  And you must visit the its page on the Knit Picks site simply to read the poetic description.

My contributions include the Janus Cardigan (on Ravelry here)...

which is made from Knit Picks Gloss DK, a wool-silk blend, and is constructed from the bottom up in one piece with a raglan yoke.  The unexpected element?

A keyhole opening in the back, lined with ribbing.

I named Janus for the Roman god of transitions and gates -- a nod to the keyhole as well as to the transition from winter to spring, from dark to light, which is what this collection is all about.

Tule (here on Ravelry) is a long-sleeved pullover made from Aloft, Knit Picks' silk-mohair yarn, knit from the top-down with a circular yoke.

The collar and slightly puffed sleeve cuffs are embellished with Linen Stitch, which has a much different feel than usual when worked in this airy yarn.

Tule is the fog that spreads through California's Central Valley in the winter and early spring -- the mohair knit at loose gauge reminded me of its wispy clouds and mist.

You can find more information about these patterns and the whole collection on Knit Picks here, where you can also purchase the entire thing as a book or individual patterns separately (for $4.99 each). First Light is also on Ravelry here.

Let's hear it for the Knit Picks team for putting together such a stunner!


Truly Myrtle said...

You have been busy behind the scenes :)
These a both lovely but my favourite is Tule - I bet it feels scrumptious to wear. I'm intrigued by the use of linen stitch. Clever!

Thea said...

Beautiful!! That keyhole is ah-mazing!!!

Jodi said...

Oh, what beautiful designs, Hilary! Classic, but with a twist. I love both the yarns you chose, and Knit Picks really brought it with the styling and photography.


Rachel said...

I fell in love with Tule as soon as I saw the pattern. I would love to cast on but I wanted to know more about the shape of the body. All of the photos associated with it have the model sitting down which makes knowing exactly how it is shaped and whether it would look right on my body type a bit difficult. Do you have any modeled photos you could share (or point me to) that shows the full garment? Thanks!!

Hilary said...

Hi Rachel -- Great question, thanks! I will take some modeled shots this weekend and post them here asap. For now, I can tell you some measurements -- the sample shown in the photos has a 36.25" bust, 33.75" waist, and 40.5" hip. The waist falls 8.75" from the underarm, and the length from the underarm to the hem is 19" (this is easily changed, though, since it's top down). For all sizes, the waist is ~2.5" less than the bust, and the hem is ~4.25" more.

I hope this helps! But stay tuned for photos...