Monday, June 4, 2007

Res Completa: Minisweater

Pattern: Minisweater, by Glampyre
Yarn: 3.5 skeins of Dale of Norway Free Style in color 9133, left over from the Greek Pullover
Needles/Other Materials: Because I couldn't wait to get started, I used size 8 vintage straight needles, and knit on those until I couldn't fit all the stitches and was forced to go buy a Crystal Palace US 8 32" circular. I actually have no idea where the button first originated. I found it in my sewing basket and it worked! I love when that happens.
Modifications: I used a smaller gauge yarn than was called for, so I cast on 70 stitches in the beginning instead of 50. I also left off the decorative edging, cute as it is. Also -- get this -- I didn't need to increase at all after I separated the sleeves! That's right, I am actually so flat-chested that where Glampyre suggests a total of 22 increases, I needed zero. Wow.
Notes: I quite like this little sweater, but I wish the sleeves were a little tighter. I tried it on about 1,000 times before deciding the exact point at which I would separate the sleeves, but somehow they still turned out too big. And now I don't really feel like re-doing them. However, I still like the sweater in general and if it were more than 55 degrees outside this week, I'd be wearing it!


Anonymous said...

Cute sweater! I am so impressed wil your ability to make your projects fit properly. That's why I never make clothes, I don't have that "make it fit" skill.

Anonymous said...

How cute, that looks great on you!

Anonymous said...

I see a certain greek book in the background of this picture!! The sweater and the color look great! -- Michelle

Unknown said...

Hil, I love the sweater! Great job!!

the girl said...

Love the sweater! Did you modify the arms at all? On the pattern, the sleaves look puffy, but I prefer how yours look straight.