Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Caltrain is for Knitting

The pictures of me sporting those Knucks are so terrible that I just had to put another post up here so the first thing one sees when navigating to The Yarniad is not my shiny forehead.

Ok, moving on.

The above is a picture of what most of my morning's look like. With almost 1.5 hours of commuting each way, I am so happy to have knitting and friends to make it feel like I'm not wasting my life in transit! Across the table from me is Sophy, my Caltrain Knitting Buddy, and her Fiery Bolero in progress. Every morning she saves me a seat on the first train car and we knit and chat (and she sips her coffee) all the way down the peninsula. To her right (out of view) is Neill, and to my left is Judy, our other Caltrain Buddy who doesn't knit (she does embroidery) but is very cool nonetheless.

I love our little group. They make me actually look forward to going to work (emphasis on the "going", not the "work").

On the knitting front, I broke my yarn diet and bought what I need for Arisaig, but until it arrives, I am continuing to work on little things and gifts for others. On the needles now...well, I have three words for you: Baby. Yoga. Pants.

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Joanna said...

Goodness, you've gotten GOOD! You can practice on my babies anytime :) I'll have to take a picture of CB in her bonnet and send it to you soon. I'm really quite jealous of your talent.