Thursday, December 9, 2010

Handknit Warmth

Last weekend I headed home to visit with family for a couple of days and got to take part in the thrilling experience that is taking the family dogs out for a walk on the canal. It's really beautiful out there...

...and it holds a veritable feast of delights for the two Jack Russell grandchildren. There are gopher holes to dig in, birds to chase, trees and fields to run, and lots and lots of unidentifiable smelly stuff to roll around in. Anyway, about half way through our nice, long walk, I realized just how many handknits my mom and I were sporting.

On her: a hat and cowl knit by my grandmother and some Knucks knit by me.

On me: a cowl I knit during Thanksgiving and my gorgeous Veylas.

My dear friend Brenda (she knits but she does not blog!) made these for my birthday this year, and I'm still feeling touched by the gesture. My mom and I were certainly toasty walking the dogs on that chilly morning, but there's really something warm about handknit gifts that transcends temperature, isn't there??


Ms. Kimba said...

yesssss...handknit gifts even though your a knitter yourself is always a pleasure to receive.

I always read you. I'm just a silent reader, but I see the baby is getting big!

Julie said...

handknits in action!! love it. And look at your adorable baby bump!

Mr Puffy's Knitting Blog: said...

Lovely to see you two stylish ladies out sporting your handknits!!! Very pretty Veylas ~ such a treat for you to receive a handknit gift for a change :)

You don't know what a thrilling dog walk is until you've been attached to a powerful and willful dog who doesn't respond to your commands ;)

Maryse said...

Knitters who knit for other knitters, that's wonderful!

Teresa said...

Indeed! Beautiful pieces. Looks like a wonderful afternoon.