Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Lomography, Part I

After shooting primarily with a digital camera for several years, and especially after having one in my telephone at the ready for the past three, it feels kind of strange to be capturing photographs on real film again. The strategy is completely different. You have no idea what the finished photos will look like until you've finished the roll and get the film back a week and a half later (do 1-hour photo places even exist anymore?) so each image feels special and precious. At the same time, Lomographers* are urged to shoot anything and everything, any time, anywhere. The unpredictable nature of the cameras makes it silly to try to arrange a perfect shot; most of the time, the best images are the most unexpected.

The Diana was originally marketed as a cheapie plastic novelty camera to be used as door prizes, in giveaways, etc. But its imperfections can make for some really interesting photographs. I'm not quite there yet -- still figuring out how to best use the different settings (it's a little plastic camera, but has four focus points, two aperture settings, and two shutter speeds) -- and half of my first roll was underexposed, but it's sure fun trying!

Below some of my favorites from that first roll (film is redscale), shot in Folly Beach, SC around my birthday.


*Lomography is photography using cameras produced or inspired by LOMO, an optics manufacturer in Saint Petersburg.


Susan said...

Very cool. Crazy, how technology changes. You are right about the 1-hr photo places. I doubt they do exist. Everyone uses their phones for the quick pictures now.

Anonymous said...

Wow. For your first role, you have some AMAZING shots! I can't wait to see your progress as you improve.
As a member of the 'digital age,' the only time I've really had to depend on a film camera was when I first began working with underwater photography, but now even that's switched to digital. My father may be the last person in the world to take underwater pictures on film, still.

Julie said...

Wow!! I love that photo of you and Daniel at the beach, it's amazing. I haven't shot with anything but digital either, but this looks amazing. what a fun new thing to try!

Jodi said...

Neat! I hadn't heard of this type of camera before.

I took a photography class in high school, and I loved working in the darkroom, developing film and making prints. It seemed almost magical, a sort of alchemy.

Teresa said...

Those all look so fantastic. I love the vibe they give off. Thanks for sharing them!

Larkin said...

That's super-fun, Hil. What I love about the Hipstamatic app is that I have the option of getting prints printed, and they're really good prints.
We get so accustomed to just looking at stuff online, that when you get actual prints in your hand, it's pretty darned special.
Awesome. Have SO much fun with this.
And a belated congratulations and a "that's awesome!" on the 9 rubies event.

Mr. Puffy said...

I love the vintage look to these photos!!! Raina (rainingsheep) has an old Polaroid camera that she shoots occasionally and they have that same vintage feel. Have fun with your camera!

Anonymous said...

What a pleasure to look at these films.


Anonymous said...

No way - you have the same camera as me! It's way too much fun. I'm wondering if I should photograph my F/O's with my Diana Mini, but I think it would take too long to get them developed.

Anonymous said...

No way, you have the same camera as me! Ever tempted to photograph your F/O's using it?