Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Mid-week Inspiration

(Does Tuesday count as mid-week?)

My mother in law has impeccable taste. Her style and her home are perfection, and she gives the most amazing and thoughtful gifts. She picks out my favorite nail polish colors before I even know that I like them.

Yesterday, I received a letter from her and inside, in perfect minimalist wrapping, were these vintage giraffe buttons. Accompanying the buttons was a sweet note about how she saw them, thought of me, and wanted to send them, in case they might serve as inspiration for a future baby/toddler knit. The thoughtfulness of this package was inspiration alone (inspiration of another kind) -- but these buttons will certainly be the impetus for something, even if I don't yet know what.


Teresa said...

That's very sweet! And such a lovely gift! Great inspiration :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful penmanship also!

Julie said...

those are the cutest buttons EVER! what a lovely gift, so thoughtful.