Wednesday, July 3, 2013

TNNA 2013 - A Recap

Two weekends ago, I headed out to Columbus, OH for the second time to attend the summer show of The National Needlearts Association (TNNA).  As last year, I went with Deep South Fibers, my wholesale distributor, and was able to exhibit as part of a block of booths in the little Deep South "city".  This year, I was super excited to be paired up with Carrie Sullivan of Irish Girlie Knits, which was really, really great.  Carrie is a fellow California girl who hails from the Bay Area and I'd met her a couple of times before, so it was no surprise that she was a fabulous boothmate with tons of droolworthy designs that I got to stare at all weekend!

Anyway, I have lots and lots of photos to share, so let's get to it!

Here's our booth - this year I went for shawls-as-banners and sweaters on a rack. And check out Carrie's gorgeous new Wish I Might shawl there on the dress form in the front -- I really think it was the star of the show!

Booth mates!  (Also note Carrie's fab infinity scarf, San Mateo.)

Melynda of French Press Knits - I feel like I've known this girl my whole life! (and, seriously, how cute is her new haircut?!)

Jeni's is the fancy ice cream shop in Columbus that requires a visit at least once per day. Yum.  Melynda, Jill (of Knitterella fame - another incredibly sweet person!), and Carrie accompanied me on my own inaugural visit for this trip.

The Swan's Island booth had a Glacerie in some gorgeous fall colors.

And then on the last day, just like the last day of summer camp, we all rushed to take photos with our new friends (and unfortunately I wore my least cute outfit...).  This year, I got to meet several ladies I feel like I've known forever, but had never actually met in real life...

So, Teresa of Canary Knits is one of my oldest blog friends, if not the oldest.  I've been reading her blog since at least 2007, she is one of my favorite designers, and we share a birthday.  I was starting to feel like all would not be right in the universe until we met.  And, true to her online persona, Teresa is extremely cool.

Alison Green tech edited my very first self-published design back in 2010, and has been my trusty tech editor ever since!  Here she is holding the sample of (almost) every design of mine she's had a hand in getting ready for public consumption.  It was so great meeting her in person!

Weirdly, on the first night, we realized that not only do Teresa and I share a birthday, but Alison shares the same birthday as well!

Allyson (of Sweatshop of Love and the awesome Holla Knits) has been one of my favorite online baseball buddies, and is now also one of my favorite people to hang out with ever.  Seriously, she is hilarious!

Amy Palmer, the brand new editor of Knitscene (go check out her first issue - it's amazing!), was also there and is the reason I look so tired in all of these photos.  (The night before, there were a bunch of us knitting in the hotel bar, and I could have sat there drinking beer and talking to Amy about knitting and Lord of the Rings forever!)

My booth neighbors this year were Lee Meredith (of Leethal Knitting) and Alexa Ludeman of Tin Can Knits.  These ladies rock, seriously.  Moments before this photo was taken, Lee had inspired the new Hip Anarchist Haus Frau style movement.

And finally!  The wonderful Laurinda Reddig was on my flight from Columbus to Cleveland, and when both of our connecting flights home were delayed to an outrageous degree, we ended up having dinner together and talking all about our respective crafts.  Laurinda is a crocheter who has invented a new way of doing reversible crochet intarsia -- isn't that awesome?  Here she is with her jaw-dropping Rowan Tree Vest, which is made from Madelinetosh, fully reversible, and truly a work of art.

So.  Yet again, TNNA was a fabulous experience that has my creative juices flowing and my hands itching to start some new knits!  (I just have to finish working on this #$@! house first...)


Audry said...

That looks like it was a ton of fun! Carrie and your booth looks lovely. I especially like how the shawls are pinned up.

thao said...

What's that lovely shawl you're wearing in the first few photos? Love!

Anonymous said...

I would like to know what the shawl is that you are wearing in the first couple of photos as well - it is gorgeous!

Christine said...

Me too! I just love that shawl...what is the pattern? It sounds like you had a good time.

Teresa said...

Fabulous recap! I was so happy to meet you, finally. I certainly do hope there'll be other hang-outs at future TNNAs. (ps: all your outfits were cute. Just sayin'. Also, I love that necklace you were wearing on the last day!)

Unknown said...

looks so fun! you got to meet so many awesome people! jealous (1)

Aline said...

fun! everyone looks so happy.

Claudia Bugh said...

It's such a treat to see all your photos as I've never been to a fiber event. Yes I am, and do, feel deprived. You all look fabulous (and you my dear have no such thing as a non-cute outfit)!!! Even though it's sweltering hot out you have me excited for Fall knitting ~

Julie said...

This looks like it was such an amazing time, I'm so jealous! I've got to get my butt to the next TNNA.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your new home, new lifestyle and wishing you much success. I haven't been reading blogs for quite some time and am taking this Sunday morning, over coffee, to enjoy some of my favorites, yours included. I do love your designs and have to finish my second Citron. I haven't been knitting much lately. Thank you for sharing, and thank you for some fabulous designs! With your new lifestyle, will there be another Siamese kitty in your future?

Hilary said...

Thank you for your sweet comment and congratulations, Anonymous! :) Yes, we are *definitely* looking forward to getting another Siamese kitten in the future. I think my husband is ready now, but I feel like I need to get through a little bit more of our son's toddler-hood first before having another rambunctious creature in the house!