Thursday, September 19, 2013

XXXIII - Birthday BOGO

You know, since having Daniel, it feels like my birthday isn't the important one anymore.  I certainly remember the day of his birth much more than I remember mine.  And, it's been more fun to plan things around a child's birthday than it has around my own -- I can't wait until Daniel is old enough to really understand what's going on, rather than just being excited that he gets to consume vast quantities of sugar.  (Though I still get excited about that particular aspect of my birthday...)

That said, something about September 19th always feels a little bit different and I'd love to celebrate with all of you.  So, for today and tomorrow only, it's Buy One Get One FREE over in The Yarniad pattern shop.  All of my self-published patterns are eligible, and it's as easy as that.  Put two patterns in your cart, enter the code XXXIII at checkout, and the price of the lower-priced pattern will be deducted.  Poof!  BOGO!  (I just like saying that.)

So what would you like for my birthday?  A cardigan?

A pullover?

A hat?

A shawl?

You choose!  You can see my whole pattern shop on Ravelry by clicking here or on my pattern page here (anything above Twist Collective is eligible). Remember:  XXXIII.  Today and tomorrow only*.  Buy one get one.  Make it so!

*The coupon code will expire at 11:59pm Pacific time on Friday the 20th.


Suzanne said...

Happy birthday, Hilary! I hope it's a great year for you and that it starts with a little bit of cake.

Patricia said...

Happy Birthday! Today is my Birthday also! Thanks for the BOGO!

MegR said...

Hey Hilary, Happy birthday - hope you have a splendid one! I just wanted to say that I find you to be a very talented designer, I love so many of your patterns, thanks for sharing your talents. I've purchased my two patterns. Meg.

Dee said...

Happy Birthday! Thanks so much for your gift to us!

Sara Millis said...

Happy Birthday!
Thank you so much for the coupon... I have just spent it and am looking forward to working on the Aquae Tank and the Amande Vest in the near future.
Have a wonderful day and thanks again,

julia said...

Happy Birthday! I usually lurk but I really enjoy your patterns and your blog, and I just realized that we were born in the same month of the same year! What you said about this age -- how crazy the difference is between how it used to sound and how it actually feels -- is exactly how it's been for me as my birthday approaches. But I feel a little better now, cuz you seem pretty great, so finding out you're also my age is like hey, maybe this is the right age after all.

I think I shall celebrate this little moment of clarity and acceptance by treating myself to some patterns for my birthday, for your birthday! :-)

Unknown said...

oooh, i'll be visiting!
i'm also turning XXXIII this year. ;)