Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Patternum Novum: Anthi

Have you seen, have you seen?  The new Knitty has gone live!  I am extremely pleased (and honored) to say that, over five years after Knitty included my very first published design (wow, those bangs...good times), I'm back in Knitty again.  Meet Anthi:

Anthi (which is a Greek woman's name that also means flowers) is a warmer-weather top knit in Anzula Cloud at a loose gauge. It features subtle waist shaping, some positive ease, and some vintage-inspired neck ties at the top of a little keyhole opening.

Anthi takes just two or three skeins of the Cloud (depending on size) and knits up pretty quickly, with its loose-ish gauge and short, cap sleeves.

To see all of Anthi's specifics and more photos, you can check her out on Knitty or on Ravelry, here.

P.S. If you wanted a Citron Kit but missed out before I donated them to the charity marketplace, you're in luck!  There were a couple of them left over (both Orange), and they're back in my Etsy shop.  And if you buy one, I will donate all proceeds to the charity the original marketplace was held for, Tiny Hands International.


Julie said...

I saw that on the new Knitty and loved it!! Such a pretty, feminine awesome design. I feel like it's a great work-appropriate knit, too- something that can easily mix into a work wardrobe. great job!

Unknown said...

Congrats on Knitty. Very pretty! I have enjoyed looking at all your other patterns, love the designs and appreciate the fine photography. I have 2 shawl hybrids on needles now too. I think the final version will be a bit different but I haven't been able to get myself to rip them yet.

I had my first pattern in Knitty this issue (Fiftyfifty). Wow, do they put a lot of effort into perfecting the patterns. I had not appreciated it before. I thought mine was pretty clean going in but boy was I wrong.

Unknown said...

This is so lovely! Making me feel in the spring time mood. I only hope it actually shows up outdoors :)

I can't believe it's been five years since Citron. :)

Evelyn said...

I definitely plan to knit this ~ it'll be perfect for my spring wardrobe. Thanks for another beautiful design!

Claudia Bugh said...

Has it been 5 years???? Nooooooo lol I haven't been reading blogs or any knitting mags for the past couple years and for some reason I looked at the new Knitty and I saw your sweater (but didn't realize it as your design) and thought to myself - hum - now that's a cute design. I should have recognized it as yours immediately!!! Congratulations on wonderful design in a great publication.