Monday, May 12, 2014

TNNA Recap 2014

Two weekends ago, the National Needlearts Association (TNNA) summer show was held in Indianapolis. For the uninitiated, these shows involve a giant convention center, lots of yarn companies, pattern designers, knitting notion vendors, and the like exhibiting their wares, and yarn shops from across the country/world coming to place their orders for the season. This was my fourth show, and my third time exhibiting with my wholesale, print-copy distributor, Deep South Fibers

Now, exhibiting is a lot of work. There's the whole booth-design and setup thing, and then there's the manning the booth for 7 hours a day trying to talk up my designs. (Which comes about as naturally to me as cutting off my own arm.) But it is also a LOT of FUN. Many of us in the knitting industry don't have an office we all report to, or a water cooler we can gather around when issues arise that affect all of us. We rarely see each other, but many of us have formed relationships over the internet. So these shows are an opportunity to get together, talk shop, talk life, network, and be a little social as well.

This year, I had the added bonus of a booth-helper. My wonderful friend, Brenda, who moved away from California about a year and a half ago (*sniffle*) met me in Indy to help with the booth. This was great (thank you, Brenda!), and I miss her terribly.

I feel like I've been really lucky in terms of TNNA booth-mates, and this year was no exception. I got to share with Lydia and Meghan from the UK-based knitting magazine, Pom Pom Quarterly, which I encourage you to check out immediately if you haven't already. It is a beautiful, clever, perfectly curated (does that word make sense in reference to a magazine?) magazine that is a perfect reflection of the beautiful, clever ladies behind it. (Needless to say, I subscribed right when I got home.)

Here are some images from the weekend...

My side of the booth. Couldn't leave out the Citron bunting!

The Pom Pom side (with Brenda holding down the fort during a lull in activity).

 The wall of Big Bad Wool (pretty!)

I snuck a photo with Shannon's design, Emery, which is part of the brand new issue of Pom Pom.

The Sexy Knitter, Sarah, and a baby!  (Not hers...he belongs to Kate of Tot Toppers, and was by far the most popular resident of Deep South Fibers booth city.)

Lucinda of Mont Tricot looking lovely in Lilas.

Dinner and prom-dress-spotting with Brenda and Amy.

Melynda of French Press Knits and Sarah of Fiber Story. I'd met Sarah on the first day through Melynda and Jill (of Knitterella) -- they all hail from Michigan -- and didn't realize until the last day that we were sharing a wall! (By the way, Fiber Story is another one to check out -- those are some really gorgeous hand dyed yarns. Sarah is not only an incredibly nice person, but an amazing dyer as well.) 

Trying on Vintage Bullion from Pom Pom (I want this).

And Lydia giving the thumbs up to my Spots Cowl

The giant dinosaur in the Wool Buddy booth...just because.

With Teresa of Canary Knits, super-talented designer, long-time blog-friend and birthday-twin.
Booth mates!

The whole Deep South Fibers gang. Bottom row, sitting (left to right) = Jill of Knitterella, Lydia and Meghan of Pom Pom, Meri of Amirisu, and me. Top, standing (left to right) = Jamie of Deep South Fibers, Toby Roxane Barna, Melynda of French Press Knits, Lori Versaci, Susan of Deep South Fibers, Olga Buraya-Kefelian, Kate of Tot Toppers, and Baby E.

Pregnant ladies! (with Triona Murphy and Melynda)  Oh, have I mentioned that I'm pregnant? :)  Due in late October and we don't know the gender yet, but should find out in a couple of weeks.

In celebration of my latest WIP, Canary Knits Teresa made and brought this freaking adorable little baby top. And yes, that is a hand made felt owl that fits perfectly inside the pocket. Not only is this perhaps the cutest thing I have ever seen in my life, but I was so touched by this gift that I can't stop tearing up every time I think of it. Thank you, Teresa!

If you're interested, there are some more great recaps of the weekend at Canary Knits, Brenda, Julie Turjoman (oooh, and stay tuned for more about Julie and her new book, Knits that Breathe!), and Knitterella.

And, the last item of business: Instagram. After getting several "talkings-to" at TNNA by various friends,  I've finally revisited my long-neglected Instagram account. I have trouble keeping up with more than one form of social media at a time, see, but Instagram just feels so friendly. Anyway, I've actually been posting there and would love to be friends! You can find me here, as xilary.


peaknits said...

Wow, what a great event! And yes, curate totally works when describing ama gazing, it's a hip word for a hip magazine! Congrats on the impending baby!!

Teresa said...

You're so sweet :) Fantastic recap!