Thursday, May 31, 2007

Res Completa: Malabrigo Garter Scarf

Pattern: I just cast on 16 stitches and got my knit on!
Yarn: Malabrigo Chunky, 2 skeins of Pink Frost
Needles: US 10.5 Clover Bamboo straights
Start to Finish: May 27-29
Notes: For my feelings on this yarn, see yesterday's gushing post! I actually bought two skeins from different dye lots by accident. I started knitting with my second skein on the train and realized that there was quite a bit more white in it. I pointed this out to Sophy, who said, "Yeah...I thought you realized that. The other skein you could have chosen was much more like the color of your first one." D'oh! I guess I grabbed that Malabrigo in a fit of passion and didn't even pay attention to the fact that my two skeins didn't match. Ah well, I don't really notice the color difference and don't care if anyone else does.

I love this scarf!

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