Wednesday, May 30, 2007


The Minisweater is done -- hooray! I used up all but about 1/2 yard of my leftover green Dale of Norway Free Style, which feels great. I always get a little excited when I have a skein or two of yarn left over after finishing a project, thinking about what fun little things I can do with it, but I do not get excited when it lays around for three months and takes up space. Thus, to have that leftover Free Style all knit up into a cute little sweater that I will actually wear is wonderful! I haven't had the chance to photograph it yet because I was still blocking it last night when the sun went down, but will try tonight. (Lots of green in that picture! I also blocked the baby sweater last night.)

Because I am absolutely obsessed with clearing out all my yarn, I started three new scarves.

Scarf #1: Straight garter stitch with Malabrigo Chunky in Pink Frost. That Malabrigo! Every stitch was like taking a bite of some deliciously rich chocolate ganache cake (or insert absolutely favorite rich food here). It was very simple and only took me two evenings to complete, but the garter stitch, I think, shows off the color beautifully and feels really really nice on the neck. (Note: This yarn is actually not old...I bought it at the Imagiknit sale and could not keep my hands off it to save my life. Too bad it was also not one of the sale items...)

Scarf #2: Stripey scarf with Cascade 220 from Avast, and Kid Classic from the Kimono Wrap and Baby Bonnet. I cast on 30 stitches and am alternating four rows of Cascade in stockinette with four rows of Kid Classic in garter. It's kind of random, but I love how the bright and mohair-y Kid Classic pops off the grey wool. I was inspired by this English Rose Cushion on Yarnstorm, which I think is just so cool.

Scarf #3: I had just started this one (Kid Classic from the Kimono Wrap, and Lana Grossa and Lang Venezia mohairs from a scarf for my Ma-In-Law I can't show you yet) when Neill began (a not-so-subtle hint) to attempt to move our 50-ton armoire across the room by himself, so I didn't get very far. I'm doing 1x1 rib and will stripe the Lang Venezia in broad bands through the blue, adding a small stripe of white mohair right in the middle. I like 1x1 rib because it looks like stockinette (if you don't block it) but doesn't roll up like a scroll.

Wow. How exciting. A Minisweater and three scarves. What an adventurous knitter I have become! I simply must destash, and then I can start something new, probably the Hourglass sweater. I am desperate to begin Arisaig, but can't find the right yarn! I'm leaning towards Rowan 4-ply soft, but am still looking...

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