Monday, June 11, 2007

Continuation of De-Stash Efforts

Now, this isn't a destash project, per se, but more like a realization that I actually had in my stash the perfect amount of yarn for a meaningful project. Since I started knitting again, I have planned to contribute to my home church's request for prayer shawls. You see, they collect handmade shawls, the awesome Pastor Dave prays over them, and they are given to whomever is in need of them: the sick, the injured, the lonely. But I never wanted to just slap something together with no thought and ship it over to the church feeling sorry for whomever received it. Then when I started putting thought into it, I didn't think any of my ideas gave justice to the mission! Then it dawned on me. Not only did it not matter if the shawl were the most amazing lace or a lump of chunky stockinette, but putting emphasis on my work was cheapening the whole endeavor! It's not about me, it's not about giving away a pretty shawl, it's about the prayer that comes with it. Therefore, I was delighted when I realized that I have just enough odds and ends and half-skeins of yarn that match to make a shawl that will be infused with prayer, and hopefully will be somewhat pretty too! And the yarn will be good, I think: it's all warm, it's all soft, and it's all machine washable. (Actually, in creating the links in this post, I also realized that the Prayer Shawl Ministry is taking donations of yarn, needles, etc. which I wish I had known!).

I'm not sure about the blue would be a nice accent, but it's fingering weight so I'd probably have to hold it triple stranded!

In news from Operation Destash, I finished my Cascade 220/Kid Classic scarf:

I had enough of the pink left over to make these Baby Booties from LMKG (look, the pink is almost gone!):

And just because I had to show it off, here is some gorgeous yarn from my Ma-In-Law that will soon be a scarf. Almost looks like boucle, huh? Nope! It's 78 yards of handspun wool and mohair.

Finally, I need to share this picture because it is so strange. Right as Neill was taking the picture, the cat decided to dig his claws into my arm and propel himself off me. Yes, that is a cat in the picture, not some large snake ghost thing. The other thing I find hilarious about it is that I look EXACTLY like my little brother. But demented. And with a double chin. Honestly, I'm really getting a kick out of this.


Anonymous said...

Hilary, the scarf turned out awesome! The kid classic colors really do just jump out from the dark grey Cascade 220.

Love it! And it was so simple =D

Anonymous said...

I just looked at the last picture again... Having some serious second thoughts here about having Stewy try on the tutu... ;D