Saturday, June 16, 2007

Like Sands Through the Hourglass...

I'm almost through the increases (well past where I was when I had to rip the whole thing out) and guess what? It fits! I was actually hoping it would be a bit tighter than it is, but it will probably shrink a little when I wash/block it.

This Skye Tweed is good stuff. I had first heard of Skye Tweed when Brooklyn Tweed used it for his awesome aran cardigan. What got me interested was his description of the unusual but beautiful color choices for the flecks. Ok, so what really got my interested was the fact that it was on sale for $3.99/ball at Webs (I think it still is, actually. Go get some!). Anyway, it was a little stiff and sticky at first (I can see why Brooklyn Tweed was comfortable doing steeks with it), but once my hands got used to working it all I noticed was the color. I wish my camera would do it justice.

I'm following the pattern for the smallest size (with my gauge modifications, of course), but did 10 rows in between each decrease instead of 7 to accommodate my freakishly long torso. I need a full 7" between hip and waist or my stomach will flash you at every given opportunity (not appropriate for work).

This sweater is moving pretty quickly -- I think maybe Stewart has been working on it while I'm asleep. Perhaps there will be a Res Completa report here in the near future??

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