Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Like Sands Through the Hourglass, Part II

That there is a body and a sleeve at 3/4 of my Hourglass Sweater from Last Minute Knitted gifts. The second sleeve is absolutely flying. I started it yesterday morning on the way to work and am pretty sure I will finish tonight.

I have modified the sleeve design quite a bit. The pattern calls for a sleeve with a belled cuff that's about 12". It tapers down to 11", then back up to 12" right before the armscye starts. Personally, I don't care for this so much. I like a belled sleeve to be a little more dramatic that that, so I'm following the formula I used when making my Kimono Wrap Cardi, which is something like this:

1. Cast on 12" of stitches (56 for this Hourglass)
2. Knit even for about 2"
3. Decrease down to 8.5" of stitches over ~6" of rows
4. Knit even until sleeve is 12.5" in length
5. Increase up to 11" of circumference over ~6" of rows
6. Knit even until sleeve is 20" in length

For this particular sweater, Step 3 looks like this:

Round 1: k2tog, knit to last 3 stitches, ssk, k1
Rounds 2-4: Knit all sts
Repeat Rounds 1-4 7 times.
40 sts remain

And Step 5 looks like this:
Round 1: M1L, knit to last 2 stitches, M1R, k1
Rounds 2-6: Knit all sts
Repeat rounds 1-6 5 times.
56 sts

I tried on the first one, and was very happy with the fit. We'll see how it joins with the rest of the sweater!


Anonymous said...

Dude. Having a tough time deciding if I want to make an hourglass or the greek pullover! Your sleeves look awesome (I think I've told you already). I'll totally keep this recipe in mind when I knit my Hourglass... Thanks! =D

Anonymous said...

I can'r wait to see the finished product. You are just so creative, mixing and mathing your patterns.

Anonymous said...

It should say "I can't...."