Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Baby Love

Over the weekend, at a baby shower in Sacramento, the mother-to-be finally showed me something she had been telling me about for some time now: an adorable item she had received from Jo, my faithful reader and commenter, and long-time family friend and second mother. Jo is a fabulous knitter. She is blogless, but fabulous. :) Just look at this little hat she made:

(Amanda, trying it on for size -- I think it fits!)

Is that not the CUTEST thing you have ever seen?! It's a little baseball! A little baseball hat! Amanda's baby is going to have a baseball-adorned head!! I just can't stand the cuteness. Add to that, the workmanship of the hat is absolutely exquisite. I swear I've never seen a more perfect knitted object. The red stitches are perfectly even. And with the red stitching, I know I would have had little bits of red yarn sticking out all over the place. Somehow, Jo tied the ends off in little knots that were hidden under the rolled brim and that you couldn't see anyway. Amazing.

At this baby shower, the Placket Neck Pullover and blue Ruffle Rib Baby Socks also made their debut (they were a big hit). And speaking of baby socks, look what I got in the mail recently from my Ma-In-Law:

Can you believe it? They are crocheted booties made by the women of her family for my husband when he was a baby -- the green one on the lower right was actually his grandmother's! I wish I had the notes that came along with the booties that explain their history -- I will need to update this when I get home.

This is my favorite (and was apparently also Neill's grandmother's favorite for the same reason) because it really looks like a little shoe. I think it is so wonderful and special to have pieces of my husband's family history like this -- thank you, Jane!

So why am I showing you the knitted/crocheted works of others? Because I spent an entire week figuring out the pattern for and knitting this thing (it's a dog hoodie, if you can't tell), and I am not happy with it!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the kudos, Hilary! Hopefully, you'll have a boy and I can keep the tradition going. We'll have to work on a baby Giants jersey to go with the hat or how about some cleat booties (would that be cleats booties)? I'm looking forward to seeing you and Neil in Pismo, bring some knitting projects.