Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Stitch and Pitch

Last night was Stitch and Pitch night at AT&T Park. How could I possibly pass up an event that combines two of my great loves? Giants baseball and knitting together in one night? That's, like, my dream come true! I went with some dear friends, and though it was very cold and the Giants were down 4-zip the entire game (until the 9th inning when they tied the game, yet still ended up losing by 3), good times were had by all! We even got adorable goodie bags with Clover needles, a tape measure, and some other crafty things.

Steph worked on untangling some Lorna's Laces Shepherd Worsted (so her hands were actually warm, being buried in wool), Sophy finished a couple of Knucks fingers (she's caught the bug!), and Erica put a little length on a gorgeous lacey scarf:

I worked on baby pants, though didn't make much progress as my fingers were frozen solid...

And that there in the background? That's the Giants SUCKING.


Anonymous said...

I wish that I could have been there, maybe next year!

yaiAnn said...

Hey Hillary! Thanks for visiting. I did stay til the bitter end of the 13th inning! The bottom of the 9th was so awesome, I HAD to stay! Unforunately, most of the knitters in my area high-tailed it out of there by the 7th inning (what fans, right?) Sad. Anyways, hope you had a blast!