Tuesday, July 31, 2007

No Pictures for You

Well, I've been knitting quite a bit the past week, but unfortunately BOTH of the friends I am knitting for have now found the blog (one reminded me of this in an email after I had posted about something I am making her), so I can't share any pictures. In addition, I made a doggie hoodie for my mom's raffle (the same raffle I made Felis Felix for), but I don't have any good pictures of it. What a boring blog this has become!

I don't know what it is this month, but I just haven't felt like making anything for myself. Usually what drives me to knit is wanting a certain garment rightnowrightnowrightnow but I haven't felt that way in weeks. Maybe it's just too warm to think about wearing sweaters. Or maybe it's that baby stuff is so cute. Whatever it is, I've really been enjoying knitting gifts lately, even if it means that I can't blog about them.

That said, I did order the yarn for Arisaig (Oh, Webs, you've done it to me again with your low, low prices!) and started a swatch. The body of the sweater will be in Dewberry, with the border and ties in Indigo. I've wanted to make this sweater for months and am mostly excited about doing lace for the first time.

Well, that's about all. I wish I could just tell Amanda and Sarah to close their eyes! I've got some really adorable garments to show...

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