Friday, September 7, 2007

Exclamation Marks Abound

Maybe I've just had too much coffee this morning, but I am finding myself extremely excited about a few knitterly/crafty things that have come to be in the past few days:

#1: Arisaig's arms are finished!

Now I have about 8 feet of 1x1 ribbed neck edging/ties to knit, and I'm done! I had a very hard time figuring out which color to make these edging and ties. I've seen many lovely monochromatic Arisaig's out there, but I wanted mine to have contrasting edging, like the original. I picked out a pretty indigo blue, which looks great with the lilac sweater, but indigo blue edging means that I cannot wear the sweater with black. I've come to realize that this is a must. Unfortunately, I have been completely unable to find another yarn in a contrasting color that I like, so I'm making the edging in the same lilac and figure I can always redo it later if/when I find a color that I like (that will go with black).

#2: New fabric!

Sophy tipped me off to the blowout moving sale at Eddie's Quilting Bee, near where I work. I picked up these half-yards at a great price and plan to make some cool needle holders with them. These two are my favorite:

They're "Amy Butler for Rowan Fabrics". Do you think this is the same Rowan that makes the wonderful yarn?

#3: More new fabric!

This is more of the Amy Butler stuff and, uh, it was actually not on sale. But I love it!!! I got a couple of yards to make myself a fun summer skirt. Because, you know, I really need a fun summer skirt now that it's September...

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Anonymous said...

Dude! I'm glad you were able to hit the blowout sale--I love your picks, especially that last one! (and all the pinks too, teehee)

Happy Friday!