Sunday, January 13, 2008

Res Completa: Juliet

I've got a little stack of FO's that need to be blogged -- I've been avoiding it because I still can't seem to get a decent photograph in the winter light, but I am proceeding onward because it's bugging me not to have these checked off my "to blog" list.

My Juliet sweater was intended as part of my "Christmas outfit". I really wanted something girly that was a treat to wear (and quick to make!), so I made this gal out of 100% cashmere (totally on sale).

(I tried to be all Juliet-ish here...and failed. Nothing says romance like a step-down transformer and high voltage power lines out your window!)

Pattern: Juliet, from Zephyr Style
Yarn: Laines du Norde Royal Cashmere, 6 skeins of White (01)
Size: S
Needles: US 11 32" circular
Start to Finish: somewhere around November 28 to December 15. Actual knitting time was about 4 days.

Mods: None, really.

Notes: There are a number of things I love about this sweater, including the little cap sleeves and the buttons (as previously stated). And I loved knitting with the cashmere, but don't know if it was the right choice for this sweater. Because the cashmere is so light, the lace portion of the sweater is a little more poofy than it should be, causing a little bit of a pregnancy look. A heavier fiber would have weighed down that lace and I think it may have looked better. This may have also helped with the buttons...they're somewhat heavy and they droop a little bit, pulling down the fabric of the sweater. Maybe sewing some supportive smaller buttons to the back would help?

As we all know, the beauty of a top-down raglan is being able to try it on as we go. I'm so happy this was the case with this sweater. I started out following the directions for the XS, but soon realized this was not the right size. I did more increases and ended up with a size S. Perfecto! Unfortunately, I had planned on making the XS, so I ran out of yarn when I was thisclose to being finished. Luckily, Webs still had my dye lot, so I got the additional needed ball with no drama.

Final verdict: Extremely cute sweater and fun to knit, but I'd like it more with a heavier yarn, and I'm not sure that it's the best style for me.

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