Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Res Completae: His and Hers Ankle Socks

Slowly, slowly, sock knitting has been growing on me. And what better way to fuel the fire than a cute socklet pattern that can be completed in almost no time at all?

(Please forgive the unblockedness.)

These ankle socks (in both manly and girly flavors) were both knit from the Alison's Ankle Socks pattern on US 3 bamboo dpns. The somewhat-larger-than-usual needle (I'm guessing -- in my limited sock-knitting experience, I've always used size 1's and 2's with similar weight yarn) made them light and quick-to-knit, and I think the pattern is just adorable.

First up: His

Yarn: Claudia Hand Painted Yarns Fingering, 1 hank of Navy Olive (doesn't it look like camo?)
Start to Finish: June 6-7, 2008
Mods: Because the Claudia's was a smidge heavier than the pattern-specified Koigu, I didn't need to add too many stitches to make these man-feet suitable. I added four stitches and kept going until the sock measured up to about 1.5 inches less than Neill's foot. I actually overshot the first one, but since Neill apparently has one foot that is freakishly larger than the other, it worked perfectly.

Next: Hers (ok, Mine)

Yarn: Koigu Premium Merino, 78% of a hank of color 1005 (which, in my opinion, was not bad for socks in size 9. I was very surprised when I didn't use the whole hank.)
Start to Finish: June 7-8, 2008
Mods: None.

Notes: What a fun way to use up a skein (or 3/4 of a skein) of sock yarn! These were quick and easy and I was very glad to practice my short-row technique. Actually, in doing such, I just realized that I need to practice my short-row technique a whole lot more as I still get lots of little holes. Anyhoo, I loved making these socklets, Neill was more thrilled than I have ever seen him to receive a handmade item, and even Stewart, who has very picky taste, approved. Win-win-win!


the Lady said...

Nothing rocks like handmade socks.

(It is sooo gratifying to give them as gifts, they seem to be universally appreciated.)

Anonymous said...

these look great! i love the colors.

i'm still too much in love with knitting baby socks right now... one day soon i'll move to adult sock knitting (in needles smaller than Size 7) =D

Claudia Bugh said...

Now aren't those happy tootsies! What a great way to wear and enjoy hand knit socks all year long :)

Team Knit said...

Those socks are awesome! And I'm glad they are kitty-approved. ; )

- Julie

Anonymous said...

The socks look great! I love the camo yarn.

Philigry said...

so cute! i am afraid to try socks!

Susan said...

I like them. I bought my latest sock book, but haven't yet done a thing. lol.

sheepish one said...

i love this post to no end.