Thursday, October 16, 2008

De Efe

So I'm sitting in a conference room at Cornell University, on lunch break, and thought I would check in with blogland in the few minutes I have before we start this uber exciting meeting again. I fled the country for some time -- Neill and I celebrate our anniversary right around Columbus Day, so although it's not exactly the most romantic of holidays, it does mean that we get a three-day weekend right around our big day. This year we took the opportunity to take a trip to Mexico City, which was an unbelievable place. One of my "must do before I die" things since I took a Pre-Columbian art history class as a sophomore in college has been to visit the Museo National de Anthropologia and see the Olmec heads. Maybe this makes me a dork, but finally getting to do that was like a dream come true for me.

Anyway, the DF was a huge, beautiful city, full of delicious smells, bright colors, and very cool people. We ate almost nonstop (how could we not when there were tacos and other delights on every street corner?!) but worked it off by walking amongst almost every neighborhood in the city.

Being away from the internets for five days meant that I had tons of blog posts to read on my iPhone in the airport waiting for my flight to Ithaca, but I haven't actually commented on any of them. And I am dying to hear The Lady's pod casts when I have enough bandwidth (and am not surrounded by astronomers)!

There has been lots of knitting, but no pictures, so I leave you with some images of the DF -- unfortunately the only ones I have had access to in this flurry of travel are my iPhone photos, which are, I was pleasantly surprised to find, of decent quality for a telephone.

A small, altar-like niche in front of someone's house in Coyoacan.

An Olmec head, be still my heart.

Frida and Diego's Casa Azul.

The Museo.


And I'm off to hear about the next item on the agenda, which appears to be "Action Items from Airworthiness TIM -- Status and Plans for Closure for any still open". Wow.


the Lady said...

Ooooh, how ticklesome! Remind me to get married around a holiday. Sweet trip!

petra said...

Happy anniversary! What a wonderful way to celebrate! Looking forward to seeing what you knit up.

Mr Puffy's Knitting Blog: said...

Those are amazing pictures! What a wonderful way to celebrate your anniversary :)

I also love Mexican food - my downfall are the enchiladas.

Susan said...

Happy Anniversary. Great pics!

Philigry said...

happy be-lated anniversary! so glad you had fun.

Teresa said...

Happy anniversary! I think that's a wonderful way to spend it. I'm glad to hear it was a great time :)

Thea said...

I love Mexico! Sounds like a great trip. We used to go often from SF, it seems farther away from Boston somehow.


Happy Anniversary!