Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Res Originales: Jo's Top-Down Baby Mitts

With the genius Knucks pattern in mind, I designed these itty bitty fingerless gloves for my cousin's two darling children. The smaller size was custom fit to a 20-month old and the larger to a 3-year old -- measurements are below. More (modeled) photos can be seen here.

Yarn: 1 skein RYC Cashsoft 4-ply (or whatever you'd like in the same gauge)
Needles: Set of 5 US 3 dpns
Gauge: 7 sts/10 rows per inch
Size: 20 mos (3 yrs); the cuff will fit a wrist of 4" (4.25") and a knuckle circumference of 4.5" (5.5").

- 1x1 rib: *knit 1, purl 1, repeat from * across all stitches
- CO: cast on
- dpn: double pointed needle
- k: knit
- k2tog: knit 2 together
- pm: place stitch marker
- psso: pass slipped stitch over
- sm: slip stitch marker

- CO 9 (11) stitches and join to work in the round, making sure to place a marker at the beginning of the round
- Knit 6 (7) rounds
- Put all stitches on stitch holders or scrap yarn
- Break yarn

- CO 26 (30) stitches and join to work in the round, making sure to place a marker at the beginning of the round
- Work 1x1 rib for 3 rounds
- Knit 9 (13) rounds
- Divide hand stitches between three needles (it is not necessary to have an even number of stitches on each needle) and transfer the thumb stitches to 2 needles: 4 (5) on one, and 5 (6) on the other
- Do not break yarn

(This is a little clumsy, but it's not many stitches, so bear with me)
- Using the dpn with the last worked hand stitches (and the yarn you did not break), pm and knit across the first needle of thumb stitches. This will be the new beginning of the round, so clip in a stitch marker or safety pin to mark it.
- Using the needle just "freed", knit across the second needle of thumb stitches, pm, and work to the end of the round, dividing all the remaining stitches between four needles (or 3, if you swing that way).

Thumb gusset:
- K to 2 stitches before first marker, ssk, sm, k to second marker, sm, k2tog, k to end of round
- K 2 rounds
- Repeat last 3 rows 2 (3) times. You should have only 3 stitches remaining between stitch markers.
- K to second marker, remove marker, slip the first stitch as if to knit, k2tog, and psso (you will probably need to transfer 1 or 2 stitches from the first needle of the round to the last). Remove first marker as well.
- K 2 more rounds

- Work 6 (8) rounds of 1x1 rib
- Bind off loosely.

- Turn the glove inside out and sew up the small hole between the thumb and hand
- Weave in all ends and block if desired

Make second mitt the same way!

(If you have any questions about this pattern, please feel free to comment here and I will respond as soon as possible.)


Anonymous said...

so simple! i think i will have to make a couple of these for a baby cousin (okay she's maybe 2 now) i'm meeting for the first time in a couple weeks ^_^

thanks h!!!

Mary said...

I just found your blog and your work is really beautiful!

Mr Puffy's Knitting Blog: said...

Those are so cute and such a great idea! I know a little girl who's about 5 years old that would love these :) Thanks for taking the time to share the pattern with us and good luck with your accounting finals!

At Home Mommy Knits said...

Great pattern! My young son still reverts to crawling around when he feels to unsteady on his feet and I would love to make him these little gloves to keep his hands covered. Thanks for the pattern!

Aesderina said...

Tagged you on my blog! :) check it out!

Anonymous said...

Hi!! You don't know me but I have been lookin around for some great ideas for handmade crafts and one of them was knitting or crocheting.. but i do not know how so i was wondering if you would be able to give me any advice or anything that can help.. id appreciate it.. thanks

Anonymous said...

So cute! Thanks so much for sharing the pattern!

If you felt like it - we'd love to have you share it with us on fingerless mitts for fall or atleast post a pic with a link back to your blog. =)

Philigry said...

thanks hilary. I am still not sure if i did the collar right. I picked up the stitches from the back, then increased like you did (kfkbkf) nine times, then i just knit the double moss stitch straight until it was long enough. Since i knit from the top down, i think it came out different, and doesn't overlap. I still want to make one that overlaps though, with a bulky yarn.
sorry about leaving a comment, but lately people have been telling me they are not getting my emails when i reply to their comments...

picperfic said...

I love your pattern, knitted in a totally different way to my 'sucky thumb mitts'...I will make some of these. Thanks for the pattern!

knittingdragonflies said...

Thanks for sharing this, very timely. Must get knitting needles out and yarn. Giggles

Anonymous said...

What excellent phrase

suebaru said...

Really cute pattern. That thumb add is tricky but looks very nice. After the thumb gusset you end up with an odd number of stitches which impacts the rubbing. I chose to knit 2 together to solace this. Just wondering if I did something wrong?

Hilary said...

@suebaru -- At the very end of the thumb gusset, you do a double decrease (second to last instruction in that section), which should bring you down to an even number. But just throwing in an extra k2tog should be fine if you missed that part!