Monday, August 27, 2007

It Fits!

As I mentioned in a previous post, I've been slightly worried that I've been making Arisaig too small. Here's what happened: garments that go on my torso must always be the smallest size. In fact, sometimes even the smallest size is too big for me (this is not the case with my lower half...). Anyway, when planning and buying yarn for Arisaig, I automatically looked at the instructions for the smallest size, not realizing the smallest size was meant to fit a 28" chest, not the usual 32". When I swatched, I came out a little over gauge so I decided to just go with it, thinking that I would end up somewhere in between. Well, my gauge swatch was lying to me because I ended up closer to the pattern gauge than I thought. And my sweater was looking awfully small. By yesterday, I had finished the back and both fronts, so I decided to check things out.

Behold the power of blocking:

The ribbing is stretched a little thin, fits!! Somehow I even made it long enough. (Note: The light in these photos makes the yarn look all's really not like this in real life).

To be sure, it's an extremely fitted sweater and there's not a whole lot of coverage. But it's such a delicate and pretty pattern that I think it works. It will be nice over dresses and camisoles.

I'm excited to have this blocking and seaming done (even though my dirty little secret is that I love seaming almost as much as I love knitting). Just two sleeves and a border to go!

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Anonymous said...

Hilary, your sweater is going to be beautiful! I'm SO glad it fits.