Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Scary Fast Project I don't know if I was the recipient of some divine gift of speed knitting this last week or if this project is just freakishly fast, but I started the DROPS jacket (in worsted weight yarn, not bulky) last Sunday, and by this Sunday I had all the pieces finished, washed, and drying on my makeshift blocking board.

One week for a whole sweater?? Y'all got to make one of these!


Team Knit said...

Wow, that is scary fast!! I guess the trick now is to not get bogged down in the finishing! ;)

- Julie

Team Knit said...

One more thing- I've nominated you for a You Make my Day Award! Check the blog for details.

- Julie

peaknits said...

The sweater is going to be fabulous- can't wait to hear more details - I would love to mkae this. What yarn did you use?

Anonymous said...

thanks! i've sent it right back to you (and would have even if you hadn't nominated me.) good luck finishing the DROPS jacket!