Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Felted Sweater Stocking Sale - Last Day

Well, I'm sure that knitting Christmas stockings is the furthest thing from anyone's mind right now, but I wanted to send out a little reminder that I'm currently running a special on my Felted Sweater Stocking pattern. Actually, the promotion was supposed to end yesterday, but I completely forgot, so I'm extending it another day. So, until I change it when I wake up on Friday, you can still get the pattern for the discounted price of 2 buckeroos.

Felted Sweater Stocking - $2 via Ravelry (no account needed)

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trese said...

Actually I AM thinking about Christmas stockings and ordered the pattern for your beautiful stocking last week. I give my grown children money towards something big for Christmas (a check wrapped around a bottle of sunscreen for an upcoming vacation, a check tucked into a hot mitt for a kitchen makeover) but this year, kids, spouses & grandchildren will get a checked tucked into the toe of a Christmas stocking. I'm knitting the second one now, and yours is #3 of 14. Good thing I started in January!